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I am a bit concerned about this product as it does not state it's CFUs (Colony forming units) and states nothing about "live" cultures vs dead bacteria. It does state that it contains "4 Billion Organisms at time of Manufacture". However, this does not guarantee that these organisms are alive. The bottle also states that it should be stored in a cool, dry place. I do know that Trader Joe's looses a lot of the quality of many of their products due to their methods for transporting their products. Often their produce is old and moldy (due to not being refrigerated and sitting too long on their docks or at the store's docks before being put away correctly. I often need to return bad milk - even though the date on the carton is not yet reached.)

Therefore, I am concerned that this Probiotic product is not what it appears to be on the title. Due to the unfair labeling laws in this country it is easy for vitamin manufacturers to deceive buyers into buying products that are not really what is stated on the label. You must study the labeling laws to know how to read consumer labels on products.

I suspect that this product does not contain live cultures and that after the time of manufacture the culture dies. If you research these Probiotic products elsewhere you will find that many of them do state the CFUs and that it contains live cultures.

I would really appreciate a statement by the company to clear this. However, I do not believe that Trader Joe's is actually in the vitamin business and therefore is not concerned with being clear. I am sure that they purchase their vitamin line from a different company - and we know nothing about them. They are just a grocery store who is more concerned with their sales volume and not the quality of their vitamins. They are also not a health food store which sometimes has better quality vitamins. I have been told by people who study vitamins and supplements and by plumbers that one of the worst drain clogging substances there are - are the undissolved vitamin tablets that just pass through whole and do not actually break down in our systems. I understand that virtually all the cheap vitamins do this.

I think we are deceived by Trader Joe's low priced vitamins. We need to research farther before we deem them REAL vitamins and nutrients.
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    Thu, December 4, 2008 - 2:47 AM
    Yes, you are right: you DO need to do more research before you accuse TJ's of selling dead cultures and "cheap" vitamins without any basis. Trader Joe's has handouts on the vitamins at every store, as well as an informative PDF about their vitamins on their website:

    Trader Joe's vitamins are at least as good as any other label: they have excellent quality control. There are other shelf-stable probiotics: a thick coating on the pill keeps most of the bacteria alive in the bottle and until it gets past your stomach for intestinal release and maximum effectiveness. Live cultures in yogurt may not be as beneficial because few organisms survive stomach acid.

    Jarrow is a respected shelf-stable probiotic sold at Whole Foods, and in my personal experience Trader Joe's works just as well as this brand at less than half the price. I recently completed a round of antibiotics and I successfully restored digestive balance with Trader Joe's intestinal release probiotics.

    Wed, December 31, 2008 - 11:29 AM
    I just want to let mary know that i have been using A & P complex for about a year for acid reflux i dont know anything about living or dead organisms but i do know that i have not had heartburn since and it got me off my daily meds from the doctors office

    Mon, November 8, 2010 - 2:21 PM
    I'm not sure why you are up on a soapbox about this, but a couple of months ago, I went into a trader joes in CA while on vacation ( we don't have any of their stores in my state) and I needed some probiotics since I had been fighting a severe intestinal yeast infestation cause by taking prednisone ling term, that 6 months of prescription medication of teh strongest order to eliminate yeast had done NOTHING for aside from slow it down for a couple of short periods and other probiotics would cause bouts of severe diarreha (sp) and still not get rid of it. I had not been able to eat anything with gluten in it for over 8 months due to the yeast, it was terrible. I picked up a bottle of the Trader Joes probiotic and within a week, the gas was gone, within 2 weeks, I was eating bread again. 2 months later, and my system is all back to normal, I can eat what I want and STILL even take the prednisone ( I have a severe arthritic condition, I really need the stuff, it's either that or more narcotics) My only problem now is that I only bought a few extra bottles of teh stuff to bring back with me and now I will need to get a relative who lives near one of their stores to send me the stuff. Any doubts about the potency of that product should be thrown aside. I'll admit, I was concerned that it wasn't stored in a refrigerated section, but for whatever reason, it just doesn't seem to effect the potency in any way.

    Sun, February 17, 2013 - 12:04 AM
    I use the $5.99 Probiotic Complex from Trader Joe's, and it has changed everything for me. This product works fantastically. I had issues with reoccurring Bacterial Vaginosis and stomach issues , and it has worked like a charm. I made a suppository with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, the Probiotic, and a drop of tea tree oil (all from Trader Joe's--costing me a grand total of $11). This is the only thing that has given relief to the reoccurring BV. The doctors kept prescribing anti-biotics that worked for a while, but it always came back. Now I manage this condition for less than $6 per month...I also take this probiotic orally everyday. I also know that Trader Joe's supplements are excellent. There are better places to buy vitamins, but those places are very expensive--and I only go to other places when Trader Joe's does not have a comparable product. I can tell you this product has worked for me...and that is the $5.99 one. They have ones that are about $14-15 that may work even better...

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